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PN Concrete Lego Blocks supply Lego blocks to East Sussex West Sussex Kent Surrey London.

The specialised block can be stacked without any cement or bonding products due to their simple male-female connection design.

For prices call us on 01825 713617

Advantages Include:

  • 4 sizes offer the freedom and flexibility to expand and change your construction (for example in the length and in height).
  • Walls can be built quickly and cost efficiently due to the simple design to minimise site disruption.
  • Blocks can be used immediately once constructed.
  • Walls are built in far less time than other more traditional techniques.
  • Walls can be built in any weather conditions.
  • Easily replaceable in case of damage.

PN Concrete Blocks are suitable for the following uses:

  • Retaining walls
  • Segregated walls
  • Partition- Silage walls
  • Flood defences / control / erosion
  • Traffic management / calming / blocking / security
  • Work shop sheds / storage Agricultural application
  • Storage bays
  • Scrap merchants
  • Recycling centres


To help you modify any type of construction  in an easy and quick way we offer:

  • 6ft long x 2ft high x 1.5ft wide 1200kg   £120.00 + vat
  • 4.5ft long x 2ft high x 1.5ft wide 900kg £90.00 + vat
  • 3ft long x 2ft high x 1.5ft wide 600kg     £60.00 + vat
  • 1.5ft long x 1.5ft high 1.5ft wide 300kg  £30.00 + vat

Full installation services available

The blocks are exceptionally easy to handle as each block has two integral steel hooks requiring no specialist lifting equipment other than a hook and chain.

We can deliver 27 large blocks on our articulated lorry (per load) anywhere in the UK and Europe. Please ring for prices.

Contact us on: 01825 713617